September 16, 2017








Software Freedom Day 2017

It’s Good to be FREE

A celebration of FOSS Technologies and Communities
September 16, 2017

This year’s celebration of Software Freedom Day is made possible with the support of open-hearted partners from the country’s leading open source community groups:

Drupal Pilipinas

Mozilla Philippines

WordPress Users Group Philippines

DevCon PH

.. and more!

The SFD Philippines 2017 Team

The Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization of workers, professionals, students and ICT Advocates of ICT united in common goal of working for and ICT that can assist and serve the real development needs of the people. This means the development of an ICT sector, in the Philippines as well as globally, that is just, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible.



The Junior Computer Professionals’ Union (JCPU) was launched as the youth arm of the ICT advocacy organization CPU in 2010. It aims to bring CPU’s principles on Freedom of Information, Privacy of Information, ICT Sector Welfare, and Open Appropriate Technology in the halls of the academe.




Advocates of Science and Technology for the People or AGHAM, is an organization of patriotric, pro-people science and technology advocates, bounded together by a common interest of promoting science and technology that genuinely serve the interest of the Filipino people, especially the poor. AGHAM Youth is the youth counterpart in universities and colleges in the Philippines.



The Agham Youth is a student organization established in March 1999 in recognition of the need for a renewal of the advocacy for the development and utilization of science and technology that shall be of service to the broad masses of the people.

Software Freedom Day

Let's celebrate, promote, and learn more about Free Open Source Software and its philosophy!

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